Friday, 18 November 2011

Igford character Update: The Major

The final Much Haste to Igford! playable character has been announced today: The Major!

The Major: Outrageous Windbag

The Major (as he insists on being referred to) is loud, abrupt, and eager to share his stories of battle and exploration with anyone who stands still within earshot for long enough. He lives in an old inherited manor house on Highbrooke hill with his trusty (but utterly ineffective) guard dog, Sargeant. However, the Major can more often be found in the Ruhmkorff Inn in Lumsden, scrounging beverages from locals who aren’t clever enough to avoid him.

He talks proudly and frequently of his expeditions and exploits in Aikanaland, though many people who have heard his lengthy tales of improbable exploits wonder if he has ever been – and question if Aikanaland even exists.

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