Saturday, 17 April 2010

17 Apr 2010 - Views of the Upper Igford Valley

This was more a post to show members of the family how the level is shaping up - just a quick photo-update with very little in the way of tech-talk. At long last, I know!

Here are some of the most recent shots of the level, and how it's looking as of today:

Billboard on the road to Auchterlony - and the finish line

Streets of Auchterlony - This section still needs a lot more work

The damaged Viaduct - visible from the Lumsden Aeronauts rugby field at Cairncross St.

The Lumber yard in Lumsden, on Drake Hill.

Inside the Crestwell's Cannery section of the course

Additionally, i've also done some more billboard adverts, walls (purple brickwork to match the viaduct), some wrought-iron arches for the factory entrances and a floor for the 'tunnel' warehouse in the level. I've managed to get through a few 'small' modelling jobs like these in the last day or so. This is good for my enthusiasm and motivation, but there's still a LOT to do before this level is even remotely finished.

Back to work - no rest until hand-in!

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