Saturday, 3 April 2010

3 Apr 2010 - You take the high road...

NOTE: Basic thoughts outlined here - more detailed post to follow. Apologies to any regular followers of the journal. I'm incredibly busy and trying to catch up on the project schedule.

Road proposals - small sections: Initially entire sections of the course, but still had collision issues. considered using UDK BSP brushes in the game engine that don't need collision boxes, but are far more simplistic in shape.

Decided to 'break down' each road section into individual pieces - this sorts collision issues but increases time to produce each section of track. No instancing may mean higher demand on memory

Problem: UV textures will take considerable amount of time to produce if each section is individual. also, scaling issues will add even more time to production.

Solution: UV unwrap one piece of track and crossroad, scale them so they match, and modify these to make extra sections. As the texture is already in place this should save time and allow them to tile/scale properly. Some deformation in the texture may occur when making curves/hills but this should not be too noticable - will test this.

*add pictures*