Wednesday, 31 March 2010

31 Mar 2010 - Productivity ramped up in Igford

NOTE: Quick 'placeholder' post, as I'm really busy at the moment. Pics of work will be included later.

Progress Report - since the presentation, working mainly on 3D modelling. This week I have made:

2 Warehouses - one derilict (used as a 'tunnel' for track)
Broken Viaduct Section
Railway Track
Broken Railway track
Piles of logs (barriers for track)

Also, feedback from tutors: Look more at terrain/geography of land to get away from 'game environment' style level and move to something more realistic

Improve HUD as it is very basic - this can help set the mood of the game

Colour schemes - use of complimentary colours with lighting - perhaps a little too drab at the moment

Next Priority is the racetrack - need to work out how it's going to be implemented or there will be no finished game in May.