Sunday, 7 March 2010

7 Mar 2010 - Mad Maxton beyond the Skydome

Sorry, it's a terrible play on words (based on a certain Mel Gibson film) but I couldn't help myself.

Anyway, Some visual progress for a change - I've made a 'skydome' for the in-game level. This is basically a half-sphere with a texture that surrounds the whole in-game level, giving the impression that there is a sky in the game world.

Custom Skydome in Maya - the game world would be positioned within this dome

Instead of using the ones supplied in the UDK I thought i'd make my own, and with a little help from the forums, all went well. Some initial issues with the visibility of the skydome were caused by me wrongly setting up Materials (Textures) in the UDK. The texture of a skydome needs to be an emissive texture, not a diffuse texture (which is what is used for most other objects in my level). This won't mean a thing to anyone else but i'm making a note in my blog for myself - I know i'll forget this further down the line.

I've started painting the texture of the skydome - which is the fun bit - and early tests in a test level look encouraging.

The Maxton 88 in a test level with skydome visible in the distance

Tomorrow i'll spend the day on Photoshop - no coding for a change! Wow, I almost feel like i'm on holiday. At long last, I can be creative for a few days!