Friday, 5 March 2010

5 Mar 2010 - Can it be? Real visual feedback?


Looked at HUD tutorial by Shad:
Tutorial works with vehicle health in game - stripped down the code to only include relevant pieces for the game, needed help from forums and got some helpful feedback - pity the bedroom programmers also feel compelled to have an elitist attitude while dispensing information

Eventually got HUD to work though the gauge is co-ordinate specific, not screen percentage, so window cannot be resized during play unless a solution is found.


Terrain work started, issues with vehicle collision and handling. Cannot drive on uneven ground and this is a MAJOR problem for the development of the whole project. Tweaking vehicle handling cause more problems to which a solution is yet to be found.

Have posted on UDK forums about this but feel a bit halfhearted after the snobbish response from the coders.