Friday, 12 March 2010

13 Mar 2010 - A trip through Auchterlony and Lumsden

With much of the basic functionality in-game sorted, I've been able to concentrate more on the stuff I want to look at - building the level. I've been making really rough tests using the buildings and props i've created so far in the build up to my second stage Viva on the 23rd of March. Time is flying now so I need to make sure I prioritise tasks. For now though, the level takes priority.

The Auchterlony Viaduct in the (very) basic level test (NOTE:These pictures are a rough level in progress with many elements missing)

Older, low-quality housing near the Auchterlony Viaduct, Upper Igford

Today I've built a stand for the rugby field (the local team are going by the name of the Lumsden Aeronauts, even though they don't feature in-game) and a stand for spectators to watch. These kinds of details are important to me as they suggest that the place is a community and not a series of lifeless buildings purposefully set out for a race. I want to feel like this is a convincing place and i'm really getting into the world building, both physically and fictionally.

The Lumsden Aeronauts rugby ground at Cairncross Street, Auchterlony

Part of the initial test map - The Maxton 88 races through the streets of Auchterlony and Lumsden in Upper Igford.

In the last few days i've been adding details to see what they look like in-game - a 'crowd' made a lot of difference (See picture) even though they're just cardboard cut-outs. These are placeholders for the purpose of the project to demonstrate the visual feel.

My tutors also suggested windows that are lit up on some buildings (I'd use Emissive textures like the Skydome for this) as well as some consideration given to sound effects. I haven't thought about sound so far but it would be good to have some in-game to really bring it to life.

Additionally, the tutors mentioned that the player camera needs attention and some areas of the track need to be illuminated for players to see where they should be going. Playtesting is also vital and as soon as I iron out the collision glitches in the prototype level, i'll be ready to unleash my creation on friends and family. I bet it takes them under a minute to break the game.