Tuesday, 4 May 2010

4 May 2010 - Industry booming, emissions soaring

I've added the rest of the particle effects in-game for the smoke effects on the factory chimneys. I also added some smoke to some of the chimneys of the houses but I may remove them - as it's barely noticable and will be a drain on resources.

Here's some screenshots of how Igford looks, as of tonight:

Crestwell's Canned Consumables - as viewed from the Lumsden Road

Lumsden Road, looking north past Crestwell's and part of the old Threshersen Automata works

Inside Crestwell's Cannery, Lumsden

An Ebrill airship over Crestwell's Cannery and the Auchterlony Viaduct, Upper Igford Valley

I also looked at emissive textures on the lamp-posts but this must be a massive drain on processing power as the PC ran out of memory while compiling. I've had to remove these effects again, which is frustrating but it looks like i'll have to compromise on this matter.

Tomorrow I plan to put all the trigger volumes in place so that the water level aspect of the game is fully operational. After that I will look at a final HUD design, which I hope to finish by Friday in time for my project seminar meeting.

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