Wednesday, 5 May 2010

6 May 2010 - Heads Up!

I'm well on the way to finishing the final in-game Heads-Up Display (HUD). This is a simple overlay that covers the 'real' HUD. Feedback from last term suggested that the work in progress HUD looked a little lacklustre, so i've dedicated a whole day to making this one work (that wasn't intentional, that's how long it's taken).

The new HUD - 80% complete, some details on the watch need to be finished

In the 'full' game (which I am not producing for the project) the pocket watch on the right would be used for time-trials

I was considering modelling the HUD in 3D, texturing it, and rendering an image. I'm glad I didn't - as well as it taking much longer (unneccessary UV mapping, etc) and wouldn't be very personal at the end of it - also, considering I want to specialise in 2D art after the course is over, i'd be doing myself an injustice by resorting to modelling to produce a creative piece of work.

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