Thursday, 27 October 2011

Igford Character Update: Bernadette 'Bernie' Maxton

Another Much Haste to Igford! character has been announced today: Bernadette 'Bernie' Maxton!

Bernie Maxton - Innovative Engineer

Bernadette Maxton, better known as ‘Bernie’, is a focused and determined amateur engineer with a fascination with steam technology and engines. She is very much an independent and unconventional person who does not adhere to Caledonian social expectations for a lady of her age and is supported, somewhat surprisingly, by her partner Oscar Samuel Muycrosse to maintain this individuality.

With the help of Oscar she has spent the last two years building the Maxton Muycrosse Eighty-Eight, her very own steam car to compete in the Igford Annual Steam Car Derby. The Maxton 88 (as it is more commonly known) has become a familiar sight on the winding cobblestone roads of Lumsden and Aucherlony. She is often preoccupied and distant, lost in her own world of constant improvement and refinement of machinery - particularly her own steam carriage.

By winning the Igford Annual Steam Carriage Derby with her own hand-built vehicle, Bernie hopes to justify herself as a competent engineer in Caledonia’s male-dominated engineering industries, enabling her to make her mark in the Empire’s age of invention!

'Much Haste to Igford!' © Evil Corporation Games

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