Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Igford Character Update: Hyacinth Hepburn-Allsopp

Today, the first Much Haste to Igford! character has been officially announced: Hyacinth Hepburn-Allsopp!

Hyacinth Hepburn-Allsopp - Notorious Aristocrat
Hyacinth is a wealthy and infamous aristocrat from Callaburgh who has taken an interest in competing in the Igford Annual Steam Carriage Derby. Her long suffering husband exists only to cater for her every need and does so with nervous compliance.

She feels the rewards and status gained from successfully winning the derby outweigh the discomfort she endures while “rubbing shoulders with the riff-raff” of Much Haste and Igford.

More characters will be revealed over the coming weeks... keep checking here and at the Igford Facebook Page for further updates!


'Much Haste to Igford!' © Evil Corporation Games

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