Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Igford Character Update: Theodore Robert Mulrainy Jr.

Another Much Haste to Igford! character has been announced today: Theodore Robert Mulrainy Jr!

Theodore Robert Mulrainy Jr. - A foreigner from Overseas

Theo hails from Carcharbro, one of Caledonia’s most distant colonies in the southern hemisphere and fancies himself as a bit of a rogue and hustler. Essentially a well-intentioned conman, Theo’s line of ‘work’ causes a slight internal conflict which shines through on occasion, allowing him to occasionally do the right thing in a crisis. However, he does succumb to temptation all too easily and is known to spend a lot of time indulging in his many vices in the more notorious areas of Igford such as Doxel and Maggleworth.

His inability to turn down a wager has resulted in the young Carcharbran creating some substantial debts among Caledonia’s less reputable inhabitants, forcing him to live a life on the run from a growing number of impatient debt collectors.

Despite this, in a move borne either out of reckless habit or sheer desperation, Theo has entered the Igford Annual Steam Carriage Derby, placing a bet that he can effortlessly beat all the other entrants. If Theo wins the derby or not, one thing is for sure - he won’t have to worry about his gambling debts for long...

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