Thursday, 13 October 2011

Igford Character Update: Dr Zebulon Yada Orlo III

Another Much Haste to Igford! character has been announced today: Dr. Zebulon Yada Orlo III!

Dr. Zebulon Yada Orlo III - Eccentric Academic

Doctor Zebulon Yada Orlo is an eccentric inventor from the town of Irgendwo in Jossain Muualla, a small country famed for its scientific development to the east of the D’autres Royaume Empire.

To this unusually friendly and approachable (but somewhat chaotic and scatter-brained) doctor, the Igford Annual Steam Carriage Derby is the perfect opportunity to test the newest iteration of his Patented Personal Transportation Dual-Monocle Module (PPTDMM) experiment and sees the other race entrants not as opponents, but collaborators who are supplying him with valuable data.

The research he obtains from this live exercise will be instrumental in finally perfecting his invention. With this, Doctor Zebulon can finally validate his work within the scientific institutions of Jossain Muualla.

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