Saturday, 13 February 2010

13 Feb 2010 - Traffic increasing in central Igford

Here are some more rough designs for the finished Steamcar for the game, drawing influence from real Veteran cars from the 1890s and 1900s.A small steamcar built for speed. This sporty looking model is more streamlined than the others and would be quicker and lighter, but probably not as robust.

This Steamcar is much heavier and would probably be more powerful, but also sluggish and slower. These designs are in aid of me coming up with a single vehicle design even though different classes of vehicles are also being considered, but due to time constraints only one vehicle will be created for the game.

In feedback from the seminar group in University this week it was generally felt that these designs were quite grounded in reality and felt very functional. People's opinions suggested that Steampunk should be a little more bizarre and chaotic with its approach to technology. With this in mind, I aim to develop the ideas and by next week a finished design will be complete.