Sunday, 7 February 2010

7 Feb 2010 - Show me your Assets!

Time this week has been mostly spent on a seperate project, though I still feel a little tired out after the Final Year Dissertation in University. Having said that, I have spent some time modelling and texturing.

Here are the assets I managed to model and texture on Friday and Saturday of this week - a victorial lamp-post, a generic barrel and some haybales.

The lamp is mostly for in-game aesthetics to add a more 19th century feel to the world in which the game is set (with the use of alpha maps to make the glass panes look transparent - these are not visible in the Maya viewport in which this screenshot was captured) .

The barrels and haybales serve a more practical purpose - these will be arranged as 'barriers' on certain streets and pathways to prevent a player venturing into areas where they are not supposed to be. Though these are all relatively low-poly models, the haybale is perhaps a little over complicated - at 200 'tris' it seems a little excessive but this was an attempt to make it look a little less blocky and generic.

I'm getting much more efficient at 3D modelling and UV mapping. Models like these are good practice for me as I will have to make a steam car model very soon and as the player will be using this vehicle throughout in-game, it must be produced to a professional standard.