Saturday, 20 February 2010

20 Feb 2010 - A Maxton Eighty-Eight in the workshop

With designs for the player steam car complete, the models had to be built. This is straightforward with the right resource material, and so I produced some orthographic projections of Maxton's steam car to use as references in Maya when modelling in 3D.

I have spent the last two evenings modelling the finished design for the Maxton Muycrosse Eighty-Eight. The '88 is shaping up nicely and is well on the way to completion. Here are some screenshots of the work in progress:

My plan is to build half of the steam car, then duplicate it to create the other side. The design of the Maxton is asymmetrical in places, but these are only small elements that can be adjusted in the final stages of making the model. Hopefully the model will be finished this weekend - and then I will have the wonderful task of UV-mapping such a complex model for textures!