Monday, 8 February 2010

8 Feb 2010 - Looking at Pawn

A week ago I experienced some problems with the camera view in-game. This simple issue was easy to resolve - as I suspected it would be - but required a little help from the always helpful UDK community. Some editing of the UTPawn.uc file was required that took about 15 seconds to do.

Basically, the Mod was set up using Toltec Studios' The Ball' tutorial, which can be found here:

The UTPawn.uc Mod file included script for a camera that I didn't notice - not being a scripter, I wasn't familiar with the code and I wasn't looking for it. A little bit of feedback on the UDK forums gave me a different perspective on the problem. I 'commented out' parts of the code to make it inactive, which are shown below in green (click on image for larger version):

The highlighted text specifies a third-person camera. Disabling this code in UTPawn.uc returns the player's view to the more traditional first person view in Unreal Tournament 3. With the weapons disabled and the central crosshair also removed, the screen is beginning to look a lot less cluttered.

The result of my efforts. I never thought i'd be so happy to see nothing! Next big topic is editing the Heads-Up Display itself!